Listen up, it’s “My Way Day” people

17 Feb

My Way Day is the day to officially do everything your way.  Now clearly if I would have known about this sooner I would have slept in.  Or perhaps even played hookey to stay in bed all day…

But in honor of what is left of My Way Day, I will:

– Overindulge on Sushi Shop’s black box with colleagues

– Follow said overindulgence with mango yogurt from Pinkberry

– Drink champagne at work…to celebrate the fact that it’s Friday

– Leave the office promptly at 6:02 pm

– Hit play on my Tivo to watch Revenge before my coat is even off

– Take a break from my strenuous television watching to take a long, hot shower

– Watch “Abduction“…and not care or apologize that I love bad movies

– Listen to Usher’s “My Way” on repeat while posting this


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