You’ve got mail

7 Mar

I come from card people.  Like Hallmark card people.  All through college and graduate school I would always get cards from my mom in the mail.  The cards continued after graduate school – for holidays and often “just because” (although I know she regrets every card that ex of mine ever put his grimy little paws on!)  The card tradition spiked when my engagement fell apart with cards being delivered from home daily.  When in doubt, send cards!  The mailman must have thought someone died.  I guess technically back then it felt like someone had.

The cards continued, albeit not daily, however in the last week or so I’m inundated with these special deliveries again.  And maybe it’s because I grew up a “card person”, or maybe because I find myself once again shaken by and lost in what my own reality is, but the cards have once again made all the difference.  And while I know a card can’t heal whatever this funk has been, they do – in the very least – make me smile.  Thought I’d share a few!

From my mom – picture absolutely required….

Inside of card: “Haven’t you dealt with enough crap already?  Hope things get better soon!”  Classic.

From  a friend from home….

With an encouraging message inside the card sending lots of sunshine my way.

And from one of the girls…

Honestly, the card’s cover message don’t even matter; instead what she wrote inside caused me to burst into giggles alone at home last night: “Believe it or not this was the closest I could find to a ‘your douche bag ex-fiancé was a bigger douche than we thought’ card.”


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