Overheard…in my bedroom

24 Mar

It may be the result of spending so many nights post-break up sleeping on my couch but fast-forward almost two years and I’m now the type of person who relishes having an entire bed to myself.  I position my pillows just so and make sure that I don’t have so much as a hoodie or the TV remote laying in bed with me.  Anything that doesn’t belong gets immediately kicked to the ground, where I retrieve it in the morning.  Whatever the reason, I apparently just need the entire bed to myself.  On the rare occasion when there’s a sleepover, I usually find myself irrationally and unfairly thinking, “When is this kid going home?  He’s taking up way too much space.”  And I probably have about 75% of the bed and all the blankets…

So following a boozy at-home happy hour(s) with the girls last night, I was quite surprised when I woke up this morning and felt my toes brush against something at the foot of my bed.  As I lifted my head to see what foreign object had invaded, I actually said to myself:

Niiiiice.  I just woke up with Jack Bauer.”  

I blame the vodka champagne cocktails for this beyond embarrassing statement.  BUT maybe some things are worth making an exception for.  And hopefully someday it’ll be more than just an action figure!

(But in the meantime, shout out to the girlfriend who has bestowed Jack to my life!)


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