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First game of the season y’all

29 Apr

Today was the perfect day for a ballgame – sun was out, seats were great, beer was cold, and the company was amongst some of my very favorite.

(Although I did spend the better part of the game worrying about maneuvering the stadium stairs post back-to-back boot camp classes for charity.  Ultimately worth it as the event raised over $5,000 for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society!)

Oh well, $9 beers for everyone!


“Um, do I know you?”

23 Apr

This past Saturday was gorgeous in the city.  While I was tempted to set up shop at the park with an iced coffee and good book, the little adult voice in my head responsibly reminded me that I hadn’t set foot in a grocery store or cleaned my kitchen in weeks.  Weeks.  Plural.

So I compromised.  Certain to-dos like cleaning my apartment could wait until the sun went down; instead I painfully forked over $6 for an iced venti skinny vanilla latte before setting out to work on my tan run errands.  I snuck in a mini-break at Union Square Park on my way to Fishs Eddy.   And another at Madison Square Park on my walk back across town from Trader Joe’s Chelsea.

I really only had time to soak in a bit of sun before realizing that the cilantro mini wontons in my bag were quickly melting away.  So over to 2nd Avenue I headed to make my way home.  I was about seven blocks from my apartment when a guy walking in the opposite direction stopped me.  Assuming he was going to ask for directions, I annoyingly put down my bag of groceries and pulled my buds out of my ears.  Waiting for the inevitable “Which way is Lexington Avenue?”, I was instead greeted by “You look amazing.”

I can only imagine the look on my face as I awkwardly asked “Um, do I know you…?” and slowly walked away.  A quick mental inventory of my previous life confirmed that he wasn’t (thank god!) someone I should have recognized.  Because, of course, I will inevitably look like hell when I do run into someone from the past!

Confirmed at home

19 Apr

I desperately needed this past long weekend away from the city however let’s not make this review too deep.  (Although I do like my weekend and holiday reviews!)  Here are five so-called life sayings, clichés even in many cases, presented weekend-at-home style.

#1: You can do anything you set your mind to.

Like catch up on the pilot seasons of Missing, Scandal, and Touch.  Hold your applause please.  Unfortunately the first two episodes of Awake weren’t available On Demand so I didn’t entirely achieve my goal.  Three out of four ain’t bad though.  And no, this is not a joke.  Back in the city, as I struggled to strategically maneuver three more shows into my Tivo’s season manager, I wasn’t exactly laughing.  Oh, and Jack Bauer?  Raawr!

#2: Variety is the spice of life.

So I went red.  Finally!  I’ve been saying I was going to do this for months now but for someone who claims to not care about hair all that much, I always panicked that my new ‘do wouldn’t be to “dye” for.  After a very scary (read: brassy) initial 24 hours, I love it though.  I’ve heard that redheads are supposedly feisty and short-tempered.  I can work with that…

#3: It’s the simple things in life.

Breakfast and shopping with dad.  A cheeseburger and lemonade at Connors Hot Dog Stand.  Running into old friends.  Mom making breakfast.  An afternoon with family.  An evening of watching TV on the couch.  Brunch with the girls.  And by brunch I mean Danny’s original spicy Buffalo chicken wing soup, pictures of which I repeatedly taunted friends with via text and twitter.

#4: Some things you will never understand.

Nah, not that.   But why does this ladies restroom at Bed Bath & Beyond also double as a tornado shelter?  Is Western New York heavily affected by tornadoes, or tornado threats?  I made the mistake of stepping through this door post iced coffees and fresh-squeezed lemonade but immediately turned around.  I’d rather face a tornado than take shelter in here.

#5: I get by with a little help from my friends. 

Spending most of the weekend with my mom and one of her best friends, I got a sneak preview of what my friends and I should aspire to 20 years from now.  (Even if her friends are trying to move in on my daisy-giving territory – mom’s favorite flower.)  Regardless, I don’t know where I read it but it’s true: a best friend is a sister that destiny simply forgot to give you.

Biz trip

16 Apr

Following a fantastic weekend at home, I’m in Syracuse today and tomorrow for work.  Dirty little secret: the bartender at Sitrus on the Hill, the bar at the Sheraton where I’m staying, makes a killer dirty martini.  It may or may not be the highlight of this trip each year.

Twilight zone

12 Apr

I emailed the girls this yesterday and figured it was worth sharing!

I’m in the twilight zone…in the last 24 hours:

– Ex-fiancé’s friend filled my news feed on FB with pretty significant evidence that he and the wife have moved to Jacksonville FL.  With the rest of society’s rejects.  

(Honestly, the only important thing here is confirmation that he’s out of my city.)

– On my way to work this morning, ran into ex-fiancé’s BFF.  Awkward encounter ensued.  

(My hair looked great though AND I had a little pep in my step thanks to Kelly Clarkson on my iPod.)

– Ran out to get a salad just now with two colleagues and ran into Perfect Pint.  He winked, smiled and looked goooood.

Cannot make this sh*t up.  I’m with Mandy on BYO vodka tonight ladies.

(For the record, I think I got home sometime around 3:30 am this morning…)

Happy Birthday Mom!

11 Apr

Wishing my fabulous mother the best of birthdays today!

So raise a glass of “iced tea” – her code word for when my girlfriends and I booze it up – and wish her a happy birthday!

Tuesday treat

10 Apr

Another great tumblr account I stumbled across last week:

Texts from Hillary


Even Hillary – aka “Hillz” loves it!