“Um, do I know you?”

23 Apr

This past Saturday was gorgeous in the city.  While I was tempted to set up shop at the park with an iced coffee and good book, the little adult voice in my head responsibly reminded me that I hadn’t set foot in a grocery store or cleaned my kitchen in weeks.  Weeks.  Plural.

So I compromised.  Certain to-dos like cleaning my apartment could wait until the sun went down; instead I painfully forked over $6 for an iced venti skinny vanilla latte before setting out to work on my tan run errands.  I snuck in a mini-break at Union Square Park on my way to Fishs Eddy.   And another at Madison Square Park on my walk back across town from Trader Joe’s Chelsea.

I really only had time to soak in a bit of sun before realizing that the cilantro mini wontons in my bag were quickly melting away.  So over to 2nd Avenue I headed to make my way home.  I was about seven blocks from my apartment when a guy walking in the opposite direction stopped me.  Assuming he was going to ask for directions, I annoyingly put down my bag of groceries and pulled my buds out of my ears.  Waiting for the inevitable “Which way is Lexington Avenue?”, I was instead greeted by “You look amazing.”

I can only imagine the look on my face as I awkwardly asked “Um, do I know you…?” and slowly walked away.  A quick mental inventory of my previous life confirmed that he wasn’t (thank god!) someone I should have recognized.  Because, of course, I will inevitably look like hell when I do run into someone from the past!


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