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A quotable couple of days

21 May

Me:  “I’m having dinner with a friend right now.”
Mom:  “A friend who’s a boy or a friend who’s a girl?”
Me:  “A girl. It’s always a girl, mom.”


Amongst Friends:  “Wait, you’ve really only ever slept with one bartender?”


Friend:  “I don’t believe in aliens like in the movies, but I think there is definitely life form of some type.”
Me:  “Yeah, like earthworms. Except Mars worms.”


Me:  “I’m meeting a friend on Sunday to take her kids to Times Square.”
Friend:  “Wait, you know that Times Square is IN Times Square, right?”


Me:  “I’ll probably still be single and out for margaritas with your 4-year-old when she turns 21.”
Friend’s husband:  “No way – we’ll hire a hot Manny for you to hang out with!”


Me and Friend (waving our freshly painted fingernails): “Pink and Purple!!”


Influential someone: “I used to know when you sneezed by reading your blog. I actually just had to ask you what’s new. I don’t like it.” (For the record, this one physically hurt. Writing binge ahead.)


10 reasons to celebrate mom

13 May

Not just any mom…my mom!  Happy Mother’s Day!

#1-  This ornament.  I don’t care if my brother got one too.  Mine is better.

#2-  Laughing at cheesy Hallmark cards until we cry.  Literally.

#3-  A statement I’ll believe in forever despite a situation I never imagined I would find myself in: “Hours will pass, events will proceed and you will still be breathing.”

#4-  The irony of chocolate chip cookies without the chocolate chips.  Which of course are second only to cheesecake.

#5-  Appreciation for heartthrobs Lester Holt and Kiefer Sutherland.  Although I will TAKE HER DOWN for Jack Bauer.

#6-  A designated driver who has no idea where my brother and I get our drinking habits from…but will nonetheless verify that we are indeed not adopted.

#7-  Excitement for the little things.  No really, like post-its, daisies…and those damn cookies!

#8-  Aspirational friendships that I hope to live up to one day, and the rewarding feeling of being part of those friendships.

#9-  The list.  You know the one I’m talking about…”Hold on, I have a list for you here somewhere!”

#10-  Holding out hope that a sliver of descent character still existed in my ex, but eventually calling him for what he is – a total “asshole.”

(PS:  This is post #400!)

Happy Mother’s Day Eve

12 May

hehehehe 😉

Revise goals

7 May

Working on a new training deck earlier today, I found myself googling certain performance management terms in the interest of creating an image-heavy, text-light presentation.  When I googled “revise goals,” I couldn’t help but laugh at one of the images that appeared in the first row.  I mean, come on – hilarious!

Horses and foxes

6 May

Yesterday was one for the record books beauty mags.

Inspired by yesterday’s Kentucky Derby, and tipsy from an afternoon of drinking, one of my guy friends told me he loved my new hair color and was going to call me “Chestnut” from now on. When I made the mistake of asking him if he meant “Like a horse?”, he proceeded to pet me incessantly. Happy Kentucky Derby, kids!

In the elevator back at my apartment building later that night an equally intoxicated gentleman decided to refer to me as his “red fox” while repeatedly telling me I’m the kind of girl he “could fall in love with.”  His friends laughed harder with each roll of my eyes and entertained smile. When the doors pinged open on my floor, I bid my elevator soul mate adieu with a “Good luck with that hangover tomorrow, my love.”

Life is full of tough decisions

5 May

No, seriously…margaritas or mint juleps today?

What May brings 2.0

1 May

Five Year Work Anniversary

Who would have guessed that the “doctor’s appointment” I faked over five years ago while working at the law firm I joined after graduate school would turn into this?  Cheers to  the five incredible years that not  only shaped my career but helped me build lifelong relationships.  And it somehow keeps me coming back for more…

Exaggerated Hats

Between Cinco de Mayo and the Kentucky Derby, bring on the exaggerated headpieces!  Although today it seems like holiday fashion 101, both have more practical origins than you may have guessed: sombreros were designed to provide shade in hot, sunny climates; meanwhile it would have been scandalous for a women to attend any outdoor event without a hat on, including the Derby.

Summer Bucket List

With weekends already filling up this summer, I refuse to let the three months between Memorial Day and Labor Day pass with the usual blink of an eye.  My summer bucket list is officially due in one month, and I’ll be sure to share it right here.  What’s on your list?

An Actual Book – River Town

A tried and true Kindle girl, my brother gave me actual books for my birthday  this year.  I’m only a few chapters in but it feels oddly comforting to have a paperback at my fingertips again.  But don’t tell my Kindle I said that.

More Veronica Mars

I know, this is the last thing I need!  But someone at work said I just had to…and you know I hate to miss out where television is concerned.  Plot: after her best friend Lilly is murdered and  her father Keith loses his job as sheriff as a result of accusing one of the most powerful families in town of being involved in the crime, Veronica takes on not only this murder but other local mysteries/crimes.  Sometimes with her PI father’s knowledge, but mostly without.  Bring on season 3!

Memorial Day Weekend at Home

Two visits home in less than two months – lucky girl!  Although technically I’m heading home because my father is having surgery, which is never something you want, visit home included or not.  Still, I’m happy I’ll be able to spend time with him and the rest of my family.  And regardless of reason, there is nothing better than ending a long weekend home with a road trip back to the city with my bro!