10 reasons to celebrate mom

13 May

Not just any mom…my mom!  Happy Mother’s Day!

#1-  This ornament.  I don’t care if my brother got one too.  Mine is better.

#2-  Laughing at cheesy Hallmark cards until we cry.  Literally.

#3-  A statement I’ll believe in forever despite a situation I never imagined I would find myself in: “Hours will pass, events will proceed and you will still be breathing.”

#4-  The irony of chocolate chip cookies without the chocolate chips.  Which of course are second only to cheesecake.

#5-  Appreciation for heartthrobs Lester Holt and Kiefer Sutherland.  Although I will TAKE HER DOWN for Jack Bauer.

#6-  A designated driver who has no idea where my brother and I get our drinking habits from…but will nonetheless verify that we are indeed not adopted.

#7-  Excitement for the little things.  No really, like post-its, daisies…and those damn cookies!

#8-  Aspirational friendships that I hope to live up to one day, and the rewarding feeling of being part of those friendships.

#9-  The list.  You know the one I’m talking about…”Hold on, I have a list for you here somewhere!”

#10-  Holding out hope that a sliver of descent character still existed in my ex, but eventually calling him for what he is – a total “asshole.”

(PS:  This is post #400!)


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