What June brings 2.0

1 Jun

Homemade Infused Vodkas

With more of my friends staying in the city this Fourth of July than in previous years, rooftop plans are being made and menus are being planned.  I assigned myself homemade infused vodkas, which I’ve been wanting to try…blueberry infused vodka, jalapeno infused vodka, and citrus infused vodka.  We’ll see!

Roller Coasters at Six Flags

I’m playing (boss-approved) hooky later this month to spend the day riding roller coasters at Great Adventure.  Although riding Kingda Ka the first time around came solely out of a competitive nature that wouldn’t allow me to lose face, I’m ready to take on the tallest coaster in the world and  fastest in North America as it goes from 0 to 128 mph in 3.5 seconds, sending you 45 stories up at a 90 degree angle.  AGAIN.  I just hope we  rollback this time around.

Call Me Maybe

During a recent road trip from Buffalo back to the city, a certain someone – who will remain unnamed – made it known that this was her jam.  Despite inquires from my brother in the back seat about whether this song was indeed about “calling me” (“maybe”),  I’ve got to  give it to said sistah.  Because she’s got her car dance moves  down and owns it.

Pinterest Doing

Despite the overwhelming number of wedding boards that fill my feed, most of which are  populated by people who aren’t even engaged, I’m obsessed with Pinterest.  But like many others, I pretty regularly pin without actually doing – recipes, fun projects, books.  I’m finally making an attempt to move beyond just pinning though!

Interns, Interns, Interns

Let’s call Monday June 4th for what it is: city-wide summer internship start day.  And for me, an HR manager who runs my agency’s Graduate & Summer Internship Program, it’s the culmination of 3 months of intense recruiting.  I’d take a deep breath but we have a rigorous 10-week program to actually execute now…

Time Out New York’s 101 Things To Do Summer 2012

My yet to be finalized Summer Bucket List 2012 is guaranteed to include recommendations from Time Out New York’s list of 101 things to do this summer.  While we’re at it, might as well include best city brunches, 150 things to do during the weekend, and guide to getting outdoors in NYC.  God, I love this city.


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