All systems go

8 Jun

In the almost two years (next week!) that I’ve been writing Unwedded Bliss, I have never gone more than two weeks without posting. But my current lack of focus extends far beyond my blog, which I consider one of my most prized “belongings”. Things are just, well: plain. old. busy. I was away for a two-part trip for almost a full week over Memorial Day weekend, spending time both on the Jersey shore (not that shore) and in Buffalo. I have literally not seen the light of day outside my office since getting back and I now officially know how the weekend security guard in my building takes his coffee. My Tivo is blowing up, despite the fact that most shows are on hiatus, and I am more Mad Men episodes behind than I care to admit. I haven’t had an acceptable happy hour with my girlfriends in weeks and I’m pretty sure if I showed up at the gym tomorrow they would turn me away assuming I’m no longer a member. Oh, and the newest Sookie Stackhouse book is out and I haven’t so much as downloaded it onto my Kindle yet. I KNOW.

A few more days of this craziness and I’m determined to declare “I’m back!” Here’s what I’ve been up to though (in a very long-winded nutshell), with a few photos to prove I’ve been thinking of and trying to post, I swear!

Decided to stay put for another year. If you were reading last year you know that I pro-and-con-listed my way through whether or not to stay with my roommate at our place on 39th Street. It was probably pretty excruciating for my friends until the ink finally dried on our lease renewal- it was literally all I talked about. This year things went something like this: Me: “I don’t want to move.”; Roommate“:“I don’t want to move either.”; Me: “Ok.”; Roommate: “Ok.”

Wandered around the Met. It took me a while to get there but I love spending time alone at a museum or exhibit, wandering through the collections at my own pace with the audio tour guiding my way. Although I’m typically partial to the Temple of Dendur and The Charles Englehard Court at the MET, I also like to make a beeline for the Frank Lloyd Wright Room. If you’re not sure exactly why, educate yourself. (#hometownpride)

Went to a Yankees game. When a friend calls with free tickets in a great section, you get your ass to the Bronx. Again. This time it poured though. Of course. Because you-know-who with the blonde hair was with us. But because I’m someone who derives extreme satisfaction from checking items off a list, I’m still putting a Yankees game on my Summer Bucket List. And then crossing it off. Twice.

Had my ass kicked by the flu. KICKED. I opened my eyes from a dead sleep at 1 am thinking “Oh my god, I’m going to be sick” and then continued to throw up nonstop for the next 15 hours. And trust me, nothing will make you feel single and alone like the flu. There’s nothing worse than trying to hold back your own hair, having to get yourself a cold cloth for your head, or using seamless web to have a diner deliver Gatorade, ginger ale, and dry toast. Calling my mom at 5 am in tears was not a highpoint for me either, for the record. Or putting my brother and girlfriend on standby for an ER run. I wanted to crawl under the covers and die for so many reasons throughout that 24 hour period…

Became obsessed with HBO’s Girls. Seriously, if you’re not watching this show, I can’t talk to you. That’s all there is to say.

Bought an unnecessary number of new kicks from TOMS. But TOMS gives one pair of new shoes to a child in need for every pair bought. So technically I’m really just donating to charity when I make a TOMS purchase. Or four.

Was disappointingly not able to watch The Sound of Music following this read and this one by Anne T. Donahue for Hello Giggles. All I wanted to do was watch Captain Von Hot sing Edelweiss, give Maria that sly, sexy smile before dancing with her, and tear up during the tribute to “HIS Austria”. But no. My DVD player refused to play this particular DVD. So instead I pouted, watched this repeatedly on YouTube, and swore I would be in a The Sound of Music-inspired flash mob before I die.

Visited what I would classify as the most eerie place in the city, Madame Tussauds. My colleague’s 7-year-old son had it right “I don’t know about this, Kate. This place is creepy.” And yes, I was uncomfortably attracted to a wax statue of Leonardo DiCaprio. I think the Ferris Wheel at Toys R Us was more our speed. And not just because I scored the My Little Pony car with her twin 4-year-old girls. Holla!

Considered playing house. Although the moment last fall was – “as we had both intended it” – over, I obviously gave some thought as to whether or not we would fall into a comfort from the past. The second of our two-night stay on the shore I fell asleep wrapped in his arms again but it was just that. Our friendship survived a night we both needed last year, but nothing was worth the risk of fating such a situation again. Regardless, I don’t care if that level of cuddling is appropriate or not with one of your closest friends… judge lest ye be single people!

Made a trip to the happiest place on earth, Disneyland Buffalo. Despite the fact that it was to spend time with my dad following major surgery, it was still a nice trip and great to hang out with the ‘rents. I learned that at the age of 31 I still pathetically do not know how to make lasagna, as my mother had to instruct me layer by layer…and I still screwed it up. I do however apparently rock at Raspberry Cream Cheese Coffee Cake…even if I did have to ask my mom what a springform pan was and if she owned one. Oh, and just FYI that my last night home my mom made me a grilled cheese sandwich and cut it into sailboats. For. The. Win.

Road-tripped it to and from Buffalo. I don’t care what anyone says: it’s not a road trip until you find the 90’s station on Sirius and rock out to Technotronic’s Pump Up The Jam. Also a solid win for Boyz II Men’s Motown Philly when someone sleeping in the backseat wakes up to tell you they were dreaming about this song…nope, that was just you and a friend belting it out from the front seat.

Worked, worked, worked…and a pseudo promotion of sorts. In an agency that had half our current headcount when I started here just over five years ago, HR has organically grown into a strategic business partner for our practices, and those that lead these practices. In what I would describe as my next big career move, my boss’s boss (now my boss) has split our business in half, with my previous boss running half the business from an employee relations, performance management, employee engagement perspective, and myself running the other half. Challenge accepted. Very exciting!

Caught up on movies I never saw in the theater. Unable to move past the pain that was the end of Veronica Mars on DVD, I watched a few movies instead of torturing myself with yet another already-off-the-air TV show. Home with dad, and exhausted with the few hours of free time I did have once I got back, I finally caught up on: The Descendants (for the record, who in their right mind would ever cheat on George Clooney with Matthew Lillard? Puh-lease.); The Ides of March; 50/50; and Man on a Ledge (probably not worth the watch if the plot summary is also the title…)

Set sail on an HR networking cruise around Manhattan with a friend from a competing agency. Although the only people we really networked with were the uncomfortably attractive bartender and event photographer. Anyone else ever notice how weird HR people can be…? It’s an affront to my career choice really.

Spent time with some single sistahs. And I quote: “He’s stalker’ish. It’s sweet.” And other lines overheard with you hang out with said sistahs over cocktails.

Had vodka cocktails on the rooftop with friends. Sure, with my crazy work schedule I pretty much had to roofie myself with Red Bull but we still had a great time…and thought provoking conversations such as “Who Wore It Best?” (borrowed fleece style) and “Are you my (god)Mother?” (answer still pending).

Watched this clip from The Daily Show over and over and over and over. “All this is legal in New York City! ….Until it MELTS!!”

Received the following email from my mother. “Dearest Baby Doll, I know how incredibly busy it is at the office these days but WE ARE BLOG DEPRIVED!!! Several girls have asked me if you are still blogging, so………Waiting with much attempted patience, Me.” I don’t know exactly who this “WE” is but these “girls” sound like they mean business. Step away from the email mom, I’m back!

Received flowers at the office from one my best friends. With long hours and a few “hiccups” at the office these last two weeks (for example, the girl who dropped out of my internship program 48 hours before it started – she’s dead to me), I needed a win. And it came in the form of beautiful flowers from someone who cares!


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