Some…thing to come home to

12 Jun

After a terribly long, or sometimes just terrible day, there is nothing better than coming home to something.  Notice I said something, not someone.  Not yet.  (That’s another post, isn’t it…?)

But anyway, that’s exactly what I came home to yesterday evening.  It had been a, um, challenging day at the office.  As my friends will tell you, I’m too invested, I’m obsessed, I don’t know how to leave work at the office.  And they’re totally right.  So in that interest, I was still fuming about the day’s events as I reached for the corkscrew, apartment keys still in hand this evening.  And then I noticed it.  A big ol’ box on the kitchen counter with MY name on it.  And a friend from home’s name where the return address belonged.

I set my glass of wine aside and ripped into my special delivery- 4-year-old on Christmas morning style!  Inside was an AWESOME gift!  A gift that made my friend think of me “immediately,” according to her note…

Just look at this adorable accessories basket, which already has a home on my bedside table.  And it’s made of recycled newspaper, which I just love.  Take a closer look…so cool, right?!

And even better, my girlfriend got one for herself so that we both have one.   And in response to the note she included with this special gift: yes, I love it just as much as you do!

So who is this friend?  I’ve blogged about this group on several occasions.  It may be your first guess but I’m not talking about these girls this time around.  Instead, I’m talking about one of my mom’s best friends.  I’ve always had a special relationship with these ladies.  I used to think maybe it was because I was the only daughter out of their eight children.  Or maybe it was because I was the oldest.  After my engagement ended I thought it was because I was the pathetic, heartbroken one whose ego needed indulged.  I eventually came to realize though that it was simply because I was lucky.  On so many levels.

Here’s an added bonus that even my girlfriend doesn’t know about yet…I sent her a little care package yesterday afternoon before I got home and realized she had done the same!  How funny are we?!  For the record, nothing I sent this time around is nearly as cool as my new bedside basket though.  But I’ll get you next time sister!  Not that it’s a competition or anything…

So, yes, thinking of you too girlfriend!  ALWAYS.  This one’s for you…although we’re wishing on the same bright post office it would seem!


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