The not-so-terrible-twos

14 Jun

As we all know, it doesn’t take much to coax me into a glass of champagne, let alone several glasses of champagne. And for the second year in a row, June 14th has held a certain amount of champagne-induced significance for me. It’s a celebration of sorts. In my own little unexpected world. I honestly put a certain amount of pressure on myself in posting tonight. I look back at what I wrote months and months ago – even years now – and think “wow, that’s uncomfortably deep, and oddly well written for where I was in life.” But more and more there is growing difficulty in picturing this person being written about as myself.

If I were to allow myself to expend the energy it would take to think about the events of two years ago, which I of course blogged about last year, these events are still (fortunately? unfortunately?) as clear as if they happened today. Because no matter what happens, I still watch the Scream trilogy cuddled up alone; I still bang away on the same computer that once felt like a lifeline; and I am still determined not to let the situation itself, or the answers that eventually followed, define me.

The past two years are full of profound memories, but despite how painful they were at the time, I want today’s “anniversary” to represent what it truly is: a series of events that have brought me to exactly where I’m supposed to be. I now understand and appreciate that there are certain moments in life that are so powerful that they truly hold the ability to change you forever. And in the process of being changed, you learn more about yourself than you ever imagined possible.

With the more terrific-than-terrible twos behind me, and as I officially embark on yet another year of Unwedded Bliss, I want to do so with three things in mind.

First, to allow myself the courage to live up to what is probably the most meaningful statement anyone has ever directed to me: “To one of the smartest, most capable and bravest women I know. I hope you always recognize your bravery, and when the opportunity to do something bold, new, and a little bit crazy presents itself, realize that you already have everything you need to take the leap.”

Second, to appreciate the experiences and opportunities that will bring me to this leap. To soaking in these experiences in a way that no matter what happens in the future I will look back and think: that is when I became me.

Finally, to cherish those who have supported me and who will continue to be the most important people in my life. To never taking their presence for granted; to embracing new friendships and relationships; and to understanding the significance of the relationship I have with myself.

Happy Anniversary, love. And by that, I mean me.


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