Keep on crawling

13 Jul

BBQ crawl 2012 continued last weekend, and while the highlight of the Poconos pig roast weekend had to be, well, the pig, here’s what tops my list from Hopewell Junction (other than the phenomenal food and company of course):

The coolest 12-year-old.  IN THE WORLD.

No, seriously, future big man on campus; American all-star; voted most likely to succeed; president of the United States.  This kid was awesome at everything.  Races in the pool; handstand competitions; pitching softball; karaoke; his self-knowledge that he’s probably better at everything than us: “I can probably dance better than you too.”  He was amazed/horrified at how much we drank collectively as a group.  I want to be just like him when I grow up.


There were some real doozies; here are my favorites:

“Who is the asshole singing this song?  Oh good lord, it’s our friends.”

“Wait, I know this part: Then after the show it’s the (after party).

SOOOOMEBODY!!!!”  (Shirt optional.)

That was beautiful.  It made me believe in love again.”

Motivation techniques

While my beer pong partner and I yell at each other for missing cups and insist we’ve failed at life (“You throw like Trent Edwards!”), some take a different approach.  Such as promising the Titanic-loving friend that she can quote one line from Titanic for every cup she makes.  Cue : “Jack, I want you to draw me like one of your French girls” followed by incessant, uncontrollable laughing from her partner.


Here’s something rare: I shared a bed with someone four nights in a row.  Although technically it wasn’t my bed.  And she’s a girl.  And a dog.  But seriously, what a snuggle bunny!  If only I had the time, spacious apartment, or maturity level it requires to actually have a dog.  My (dying) cactus will have to do for now I suppose…

And while it wasn’t necessarily a highlight, I should probably include my contribution: 


Overheard: “Kate, why are you always on booze duty?  Are you that terrible of a cook?”  Not necessarily but I do seem to be put on cocktail patrol somewhat regularly.  While there are infinite sangria recipes out there, some of which I’ve actually tried, I seem to have perfected a throw-it-together-at-the-last-minute blend of shiraz, flavored seltzer, fruit, and one secret ingredient.  Although this time around was a first for me: mixing up a vat of sangria.

Go ahead, say it with me: Participating in summer BBQ shenanigans in Hopewell Junction – check!


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