I got sh*t on

13 Aug

No, this isn’t a clever title for a post on my practically-left-at-the-altar genre of blog.  I actually really got sh*t on yesterday.  Stupid bird.  I just had to sneak out for that late afternoon iced coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts, didn’t I?

As if getting sh*t on wasn’t bad enough, it’s Monday again which is just the worst.  Summer weekends go by soooo depressingly quick- and it doesn’t matter how much you love your job (which I do!) or how much fun you had over the weekend (which I did!) – no one ever says “Thank god it’s Monday!”  Let’s just say I’m feeling very heigh-ho, heigh-ho this morning (although technically the lyrics are “heigh-ho, heigh-ho, it’s home from work we go”…which I wish right now.  Oh well, I’m sure this will get me through the day!)

Anyway, in completely unrelated news, I scratched a few movies off this list over the weekend: American Graffiti, Shawshank Redemption, and Blazing Saddles.  While I obviously can’t/won’t post after every movie, it would be selfish of me to leave any Harrison Ford-loving ladies out there without this tidbit: if you close your eyes and concentrate hard enough, you can make yourself believe Harrison/Falfa isn’t talking about a car when he says, “You’ll be hanging on for mercy once I get this sucker rolling.”

Oooooh yeah!  Happy Monday, guys.  May it be over before you know it!


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