TV, video games, and the world wide what?

26 Aug

Spending time in Shelter Island reminds me of my childhood.  No, not because I grew up clamming or traveling home via ferry but rather because every time I visit, we generally wake up early and spend all day “playing” outdoors.  I remember as a kid waking up early during summer vacations and almost immediately heading outside to play with my brother and our friends.  We ran around the yard, rode bikes, played games, and eventually had to be coaxed back in for dinner each night.  Growing up we never thought to turn on the TV or play video games during the summer; and, growing up in the 80s, I didn’t know anyone who actually had access to the “world wide web” in their home.  Even when it rained, we played made-up games in our converted basement/playroom with our friends  or spent the afternoon at the library with my mother.

In a similar technology-free interest, I was for the most part “off the radar” this weekend in Shelter Island.  I didn’t watch TV or turn on a computer all weekend.  I checked my phone a few times (RIP Neil Armstrong and cue the comment “I didn’t even know he was sick!”) but other than that, it was all friends, outdoor activities, and relaxation.  I’m getting pretty good at this unplugging thing, right?!

Midnight swimming, beer pong, kayaking to the boatyard (and having a cup of coffee with Jim who was in from CT – yes, we can make friends anywhere), clamming, BBQ’ing, sunbathing, vodka slushies, pool volleyball (“Watch out, Misty May coming in!”), an incredible dinner of clams on the half shell, baked clams, and clams linguine (someone didn’t bring their EpiPen…), our live fantasy football draft, biking around the island, and laying poolside.

Here’s a quick glimpse of my latest (seized) opportunity to unplug (check!):


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