Five on Friday: Aaaand I’m exhausted

14 Sep

My occasional “Five on Friday” posts (like this, this, or this one) are usually about the five things contributing to that particular Friday.  This entire week has been especially eventful though so instead, here are the five things that kept me busy these past five days.

#1 (Monday): Still mourning Sunday’s embarrassing debacle, I left the office at 5:59 pm to crawl into bed and watch TV.  I settled on a few episodes of HIMYM, but instead of helping me relax for the evening, it reinforced and confirmed a terrible fear I have (because everything on TV is true…): “Kids, when you’re in your 20’s dating is great but by the time you reach your 30’s you find out pretty fast everyone has baggage.  That’s when I realized everyone has baggage.  Including me.”  So much for that; thanks Ted Mosby!

#2 (Tuesday): I had a last-minute “date night” with one of my girlfriends- dinner (Thai) and a movie (Celeste & Jesse Forever) on the UES (aka- where couples go to die, in my experience).  Although one of the movie’s main premise – what happens when Celeste’s world starts to spin away without her – hit a little too close to home for my liking, I did appreciate the comic appeal of my girlfriend yelling “That’s you!” every time Celeste poured another glass of wine.

#3 (Wednesday): After work I ventured into a section of the city that I never go to – Times Square.  A friend’s friend was headlining at Carolines and I was his plus one for the evening.  Already on antibiotics, and rocking a fever, I still had a few cocktails…because: first, there is a drink minimum at these things; second, you don’t want to be there without drinking (although his friend was really funny, thank god!); and third, I was drinkimg Jameson and gingers…and everyone knows ginger ale is good for you when you’re sick.  Duh.

#4 (Thursday): Out last night to celebrate my boss’s huge promotion, I learned one very important lesson about myself: I could live on Koi’s crispy rice topped with spicy tuna and their ginger mojito for the rest of my life.  And that would include eternity if I ever became immortal and lived forever.  Also high on the must try list?  The creamy rock shrimp tempura and baked lobster roll.  Oh and wine, lots and lots of wine.

#5 (Friday): Confirming that one of my girlfriends (from Tuesday) is apparently my new boyfriend, we had our second “date night” this week – Cheese & Wine 101 at Artisanal.  I’m generally into this type of thing but after such a busy week, I was not in the mood for the waspy couples or single gals looking for men.  We overindulged in champagne, talking to no one except each other, and then cut out early after discovering three of the four wines being served during the class were disgusting.

Happy Weekend Everyone!


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