Five lessons from Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday

19 Sep

Earlier this summer I momentarily lost my senses and braved the crowds at Bryant Park for the HBO Summer Film Festival (not that I had much of a choice – check!)  While I don’t personally fancy myself a princess (let’s be honest, there’s only room for one princess in my life…), here are a few lessons every single gal can learn from Princess Ann in Roman Holiday – aka Audrey – herself:

Lesson #1:  Never stay in or go to bed early when the night is young and there is adventure to be had (even if you have to stealthily sneak out of the palace…)  I will however think of a more gentle response when one of my girlfriends wants to prematurely call it a night; in hindsight, “You’re single and going to die alone!” seems harsh.

Lesson #2:  Don’t get in a cab with a strange man (heavily reinforced by many an episode of Criminal Minds…but I digress…); unless of course that man is Gregory Peck and the cab is taking you back to his place.  Rawr!  (And for the record, I would not ask for pajamas in this particular situation with Mr. Peck…)

Lesson #3:  Take a little time for yourself!  Do like a princess, and “Do just whatever I’d like the whole day long!  Visit a sidewalk café, look in shop windows, walk in the rain, have fun, maybe some excitement.”  Whatever your perfect day is, own it and enjoy!  (Also, it’s your prerogative to hit someone over the head with a guitar if they’re trying to make you go home early.)

Lesson #4:  Always drink champagne.  Always.  In similar regard, when your day finally starts to wind down, always ask for more wine.  Always.

Lesson #5:  Don’t cling to something that can never be.  While the reasons are probably far less regal than “affairs of state” and a commitment to family, the crown, and country, most of us have been in relationships that aren’t meant or (sadly) able to be.  But do like a royal and just deal with it.  Hopefully, like Princess Ann, there is a certain fondness in those memories that you can cherish for a very long time.


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