Don’t deny it

15 Oct

If you’re female and live in the city don’t even try to deny it.  You know you’re guilty.  We all are.  We play the female card and conscientiously flirt with men in certain roles considered crucial to our day-to-day strictly to get something out of them.  For one of my girlfriends it’s with the guy behind the salad counter at her favorite deli spot; she charms her way into extra avocado every single time.  For another it’s the extra shot of espresso in her morning cup of joe at one of our local coffee joints, compliments of her perfected hair toss of course.  One of my colleagues spent a year on her “come hither” look because, quite frankly, she doesn’t want to wait in line for a bagel when she’s hungover and already late for work.  And in yet another instance, we’re all a bit touchy with the bouncer at our favorite sports bar because it gets us priority attention, friends through the door after the bar reaches max capacity, and seriously…what line?  And come on, let’s not forget about the cable guy.

Recently I found a new target…and have been smiling just so at the 50-year-old man who is in charge of flowers at the bodega on 38th and 2nd.  Flowers from a florist in the city are so expensive and well, sometimes a girl needs to treat herself or a friend.  So I like to visit my bodega boyfriend, select three or four simple $5 or $6 bouquets, and flirt with him just enough that he doesn’t think twice when I  ask him to take each bunch apart and create a lovely arrangement for me.  Wala!


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