Unexpected pieces of my past

19 Oct

Every now and then I find random pieces of my past floating around, often in the form of a note or small gift that at the time was just too painful to deal with.  Instead I had tucked it into a box, or drawer, or some other “secret” hiding place (pretty much whatever was immediately available before the waterworks started…) until I was ready to appreciate it.  The problem with this strategy of course is that I have absolutely no idea where these items are (or that they even exist for that matter!)…so they stay hidden until I accidentally stumble across them.  Most recently it was this short note, which I think I probably received in June or July of 2010 (with lord knows what) but that slipped out of a folder of old student loan statements a few days ago.


Fun to run into you last month.  You look beautiful and happy.  The right guy is going to be be very lucky!

– E”

For the record, I was still living on the UES when I ran into “E”, which means it had been at most six weeks since my engagement ended.  NO SHOT I looked happy or beautiful when she saw me.  But it was a lovely note nonetheless…

Separately…IT’S FRIDAY, YOU GUYS!!


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