What December brings 2.0

1 Dec

Milestones for my Brother

We’re amidst a very busy three weeks for my brother, who turned 30 last week, and will be graduating with his Masters degree in Journalism in less than two weeks.  Congrats bro!



Perfect Holiday Cocktail 

Appropriately named for the holiday season, I’m a huge fan of the Poinsettia cocktail.  Whether you mix it with vodka or orange liqueur, you can never go wrong with a champagne cocktail!




For the first time following two Christmas seasons of flying solo, I know who I’ll be kissing under the mistletoe this month.  (Okay, maybe more than just kissing…wink, wink.)



It’s a Wonderful Life

Along with White Christmas (which couples with wonderful memories of my grandfather), It’s a Wonderful Life is my absolute favorite Christmas movie.  George Bailey?  Yummy.  (And I think we can all agree that Mr. Potter is just the worst.)

It's a wonderful life


Zero Free Time

Stress levels generally peak this time of year but I do not ever remember being this on the brink of a nervous breakdown.  Just coming off a brief break last week, you would think I’d be relatively calmer and somewhat relaxed.  I’m not.

A young businesswoman lying face down in a pile of crumpled documents at her desk


Agency Gift Week

Following said stress, THANK GOD my office closes on Friday, 12/21 and doesn’t reopen until January 2nd.  Eleven days without early morning alarms, professional attire, firm deadlines, or late nights at the office.  Someone pinch me!  In 21 days.


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