Let’s play a game

7 Dec

Having recently discovered admitted that I’m dating someone, I’m also discovering admitting (and fully appreciating) just how opposite our schedules are. I pretty regularly find myself watching a movie during what I once would have considered “the middle of the night,” grabbing dinner at odd hours, hopping in a cab to meet him after being out with friends, or seeing him briefly at the end of a long day before we both pass out for the night (only to have the alarm wake us up way too early, announcing it’s time for him to get moving or for me to get to the office…). Needless to say, we’ve each had to adjust to some extent. We’ll meet up when we can or he’ll come over late after the kitchen at his restaurant closes (I eventually outgrew my need to “prep” with a shot of red bull or 5-hour-energy). I’ve taken a day off from work here or there. We’ve slowly started to incorporate each other into nights out with our friends. And, of course, we’ve gotten a bit creative with the time we do happen to have off together.

Now because I have unfortunately inherited my mother’s inability to watch a movie at home and actually stay awake for it, we more often than not make a game out of it. A drinking game. I know it may sound silly and unnecessary but seriously: SO. MUCH. FUN.

So, by special request from a colleague, here are two of our recent “games.” Holiday-themed of course.

Elf Drinking Game

Drink anytime:

– The Naughty or Nice List is referenced

– Someone mentions “Christmas Spirit”

– Papa Elf narrates the story

– Buddy screams (or says) “Santa”

– Maple syrup is shown, consumed, or mentioned

– Buddy is scared

– There is a product placement (like Coke, Etch-a-Sketch, etc)

– The old picture of Walter and Buddy’s mom is shown

– Anyone sings

– Walter blows off his family

– Buddy tells anyone he loves them

Next up…

Home Alone Drinking Game

Drink anytime:

– Anyone says “Kevin” or “Uncle Frank”

– Old Man Marley is talked about or on screen

– Harry or Marv are injured

– Kevin talks to himself

– Kevin is scared

– You see the taranchula

– Angels with Filthy Souls is played

– Paris is referenced

– For the duration of Kevin’s “ahhh!”

– Marv shows or talks about his gold tooth

– There is a product placement

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