Out of dodge

7 Jan

Growing up in the suburbs, I never could have imagined that someday I would become the type of person who considers hopping in a car a luxury.  But I do!

As much as I love it, city-living can be stressful.  Couple that with my Type A work style and the fast-paced, high pressure office environment I’ve come to thrive in, and you have the perfect recipe for somewhat frequent anxiety implosions.  While there are dozens and dozens of ways to unwind in the city, I couldn’t help but get excited when, after a particularly tense week, it was suggested we hop in the Chef’s car and get the hell out of dodge for the afternoon.

First stop, Warwick Valley Winery & Distillery in Warwick New York, only about an hour outside the city.  I was initially a bit hesitant about visiting the winery in January, especially given their gorgeous outdoor spaces, but I’m so glad we went.  We started with a 6-wine tasting, which was only $5 and included a Doc’s Draft Cider and fruit brandy from their American Fruits Distillery.  I quickly determined my favorite “taste” – the Black Dirt Red, a baco noir, but also really liked the Riesling (and although it wasn’t included in the tasting, I’m sure the Pinot Gris would have been high on my list as well!)  We purchased a bottle of wine and headed to the adjoining cafe for a veeery leisurely lunch, scoring a table close the wood burning stove and stage, where live music eventually started.  Before leaving, we browsed for wine, cheese, and other goodies to take home with us.  It was a perfect afternoon!

warwick winery

Second stop, Defiant Brewing Company in Pearl River, New York.  It was unplanned but we ended up here  because: (1) We weren’t ready to head back to the city; (2) I was co-piloting and it was an easy destination; (3) Duh, it’s a brewery – why not?  And this brewery turned out to be perfectly low-key!  For a novice like me,  I really liked the beer – a somewhat lighter beer, a barley wine, and some sort of holiday/Christmas-inspired brew (there were uncomfortable comments about Santa Claus and my mouth, I don’t know…)

defiant brewery

Anyway, YAY to hopping in the car and getting “the hell out of dodge” yesterday!

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