And the Golden Globe goes to…

13 Jan

It’s The Golden Globes Drinking Game!

(Good luck.  You’re going to need it…)

Drink when:

– A winner’s speech gets cut off by music

– A winner thanks God, their agent, their stylist, or tells their kids to “go to bed”

– Ricky Gervais is mentioned

– There is obvious teleprompter reading by a presenter

– Meryl Streep laughs

– You see cleavage

– The camera focuses on an A-lister who has nothing to do with what’s being said

– A movie or show you’ve actually seen wins

– Tina and Amy insult someone

– When said insulted person is clearly pissed

– A winner cries

– Someone says “I didn’t think…” or “I don’t have anything prepared…” (LIAR!!)

– A winner attempts to exit the stage in the wrong direction and has to be awkwardly redirected

– Someone speaks in an accent that you didn’t know they have “in real life” 

– Someone comes on stage in costume

– Claire Danes does her “cry face”

– Nominee wears something to embellish what they are nominated for (e.g. Daniel Day-Lewis wears a top hat or Anne Hathaway wears something to show off her starved frame)

– Anyone sings

– Anyone says something political

– Someone is clearly not listening

– It is mentioned that unlike the Oscars, you can actually drink at the Golden Globes

– A nominee is announced from a movie/show that you’ve never heard of

– Presenter/winner curses and is bleeped out

– Anyone mentions “30 Rock” or “Parks & Recreation”

– Someone says “cinema” instead of film, or “craft” instead of acting

– Someone refers to an actor by first name only (e.g. “Meryl,” “George,” “Ben”)

– A name is mispronounced

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