What February brings 2.0

1 Feb

Keeping Resolutions

My resolution to read “more” is full speed ahead: I read “Gone Girl” last month and already downloaded “Never Tell” on my Kindle; one book per month feels like a solid goal.  My second resolution was to bring lunch to the office more often, and out of 22 workdays in January, I only bought lunch twice.  Not bad!



Pantone Emerald 17-5641

“Lively. Radiant. Lush… A color of elegance and beauty that enhances our sense of well-being, balance and harmony.”  Honestly, this is only on my February list because I couldn’t avoid it.  This color is everywhere.  Dresses, shoes, purses, jewelry, nail polish, makeup, furniture, décor, home goods.  You name it, it most likely comes in Pantone Emerald.



Hurricane Cocktails

Sneaking away overnight to the Poconos with the Chef in two weeks, I’m on cocktail duty.  It seems appropriate given how close to Mardi Gras our night away will be that our cocktail of choice is a hurricane.  (Many hurricanes.)  It feels like a good drink for the hot tub…and playing hooky on Monday.



Beyonce at the Super Bowl

I’m not invested in either of the teams playing this year however it is clearly unpatriotic not to watch the Super Bowl.  I’ll redirect my efforts to: (1) the party with my friends; (2) the commercials; and (3) BEYONCE.  I never thought I would say this about Super Bowl Sunday but…it’s going to be fierce.



John McClane

Bruce Willis falls into my “men who are older than my father but I would still sleep with” category.  Oh stop judging, you know you have one too.  Anyway, I LOVE that “A Good Day to Die Hard” (aka – Die Hard 5.0) comes out on Valentine’s Day.  Sounds like the perfect V-day date to me.  It’s been too long since I saw John McClane single-handedly save the universe.



3 airports in 3 cities in 9 hours

Spring on-campus recruitment is always hectic, but also more fun than anything else.  I’m traveling with a close colleague from NY to DC to Boston again this year toward the end of the month.  I adore the hotel we stay at in Boston, and we always manage to squeeze in good food/drinks and conversation.  This year promises the same!


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