Thank you, Presidents

21 Feb

January and February are rough. The sun comes up late and goes down early, the weather is crummy, and everyone seems to have a holiday-season hangover. What the first two months of the year do have going for them though are much needed holiday weekends, MLK Day and President’s Day. As I mentioned in this post, I’m never going to tell you “nothing” when you ask what I did this weekend. And especially not during a long, holiday weekend!

This holiday weekend I:

(a) Finally checked out Crave Fishbar by my apartment.

(b) Indulged in the unlimited brunch at La Cava (they serve vodka cocktails for hours!)

(c) Exclaimed on Sunday, “It’s like it’s Saturday all over again!” Yes, again.

(d) Had breakfast at a diner in Queens (“The bill is only $18?!!”)

(e) Became uncomfortably excited at Trader Joe’s when I realized we had driven and I could purchase more than one bag of groceries

(f) Hung out with the Chef’s parents, eventually making our way to a late lunch (with champagne to celebrate my promotion!)

(g) Learned what a cheese monger is and visited one in Red Hook, Brooklyn

(h) Ordered Chinese food and lazily watched TV Monday night


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