What March brings 2.0

3 Mar

Turning 32

I had no problem turning 30.  Or 31.  And it’s not that I necessarily have a problem turning 32.  I’ve said on more than one occasion that I would never go back to my 20s.  I love my 30s.  I thrive in them.  And while I clearly do not have it all figured out, I’m finally comfortable with this reality.  (But seriously, when did this happen?!  Thirty.  Two.)



Essie’s Spring 2013 Collection: Madison Ave-hue

Getting a manicure of deep purple polish earlier today, the manicurist told me I was running out of time for my much loved dark polishes.  Maybe it’s the cold weather or early March date but I’m not quite ready to give them up.  I better start to wrap my head around these light and bright (ave-) hues though… they officially launched two days ago.



The House Girl by Tara Conklin  

March means only one thing where my New Year’s resolution to read more is concerned: book #3!  Flipping through one of the magazines in a growing stack at my apartment, I came across this title, which was described as the book club read of the year.  I don’t necessarily do the book club thing but “The House Girl” is now officially my March read.

house girl


Less TV

Speaking of my resolution to read more…and my work, friends, family, dating again, blogging…I just don’t have the free time I once did.  Something had to give, and it ultimately was the insane list of TV shows I record.  Very painfully over the course of two weeks I deleted about 75% of the programs in my Tivo lineup.  Miraculously, I seem to have survived the trauma.



New Office

As the headcount at my agency continues to grow, so does our actual office space.  In the almost six years I’ve been with the agency, we’ve gone from one and a half to two to three floors in our building.  Taking over yet another floor in our building later this month (our fourth!), I’m slated for a shiny new office…which I will happily take!



St. Patrick’s Day AND Easter Sunday

There are just two weeks between St. Patrick’s Day and Easter this year, and given my renewed obsession with Pinterest (“tis the season” board, anyone?), I better get hopping on the handful of holiday-inspired projects I want to try this month.  As a friendly reminder, I am not what you would call a crafty person…fingers crossed that these projects don’t go disastrously wrong!

green peeps

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