“The total agony of being in love”

15 Mar

I just received an email from someone in San Diego asking if we’ve stopped playing movie drinking games.  In short, absolutely not!  Sorry for the slight delay but here are the rules for our latest and greatest drinking game, Love Actually!

Drink when:

– Collin Firth and Aurélia communicate in different languages

– Laura Linney takes a call from her brother or someone refers to her “mobile”

– Anyone refers to Natalie as fat

– Collin Frissell refers to sex, condoms, or his “big dong”; anytime he refers to his “cute British accent”

– Emma Thompson makes a Joni Mitchell reference

– Alan Rickman and Mia flirt, or it is suggested they are having an affair

– Billy Mack’s song, “Christmas is All Around” plays

– Liam Neeson reminisces about his dead wife

– Sam’s chalkboard has a new phrase scrawled on it

– Someone says “Karl”

This scene plays … and keep drinking until Mary catches the Prime Minister!

– A title card appears on screen (e.g. “One Week Until Christmas”)

– Anyone says “Love”

– Anyone says “Prime Minister”

– Anyone kisses

– Andrew Lincoln from The Walking Dead talks in a British accent

– You spot a non-traditional nativity character (e.g. the lobster)

Bonus: Anytime I swoon over Liam Neeson (which is pretty much anytime he’s on screen!)

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