32 ways I celebrated turning 32

29 Mar

#1:  Stayed in bed Saturday morning with the remote control and a book.

#2:  Sipped champagne with one of my girlfriends at Beauty & Essex while waiting for our brunch reservation.

#3:  Indulged in this 5-course brunch: lemon and blueberry pancakes with ricotta, braised short ribs huevos rancheros, lobster and chorizo hash, grilled cheese dumplings on a tomato soup spoon, red velvet and Guinness cupcakes.

b&e brunch

#4:  Walked around the LES Saturday afternoon post-brunch, enjoying the (finally bearable!) weather and ducking into stores and bars.

#5:  Blew out candles on orange frosted cupcakes Saturday night with Syracuse fans.

#6:  Simple math: Jeremiah Weed sweet tea + lemonade = tipsy delight.

#7:  Brunched with the boys on Sunday!  Mimosas for me, bloody Mary bar for my brother, and beers for the Chef at Amity Hall.


#8:  Received a “walk down memory lane” from my brother for my birthday….a road trip to the small New England town where we grew up later this spring!

#9:  With Molly’s Cupcakes from my bro.  Yum!


#10:   With a cuddly, booze-induced nap.

#11:  Enjoyed the best escargot I’ve had since my trip to Paris five years ago during dinner at The Carlyle Sunday night.

#12:  Topped dinner off with this beautiful birthday desert, compliments of The Carlyle.

happy bday cake

#13:  Classed it up after dinner with PBRs at Manchester Pub.  In heels.

#14:  Fell asleep to “happy birthday” being whispered in my ear.

#15:  Took Monday off from work, and hightailed it to Philly for the day!

#16:  Confirmed my addiction: the Chef wouldn’t let me in the car Monday morning without coffee ( I get “cranky” without it…)

#17:  Visited Eastern State Penitentiary (“Who doesn’t tour a penitentiary on their birthday?!”).


#18:  Discovered that Al Capone’s cell at Eastern State Penitentiary was almost bigger (and nicer) than my tiny Manhattan bedroom.

capone cell

#19:  Confused my father by answering his birthday call with “Hi dad!  I’m in a prison!”

#20:  Laughed at his response and parting words, “Behave yourself so they let you out!”

#21:  Compared the exercise space intended to isolate prisoners to the outdoor spaces New Yorkers pay a fortune for.  (Maybe I’ve been in the city too long…?)

outdoor space

#22:  Left my work blackberry in the car ALL DAY.

#23:  Waltzed our way through Reading Terminal Market and shared a grilled cheese sandwich with the Chef.  I know (gasp!), I shared a grilled cheese sandwich.

grilled cheese

#24:  Ghetto fabulous: stopped at a liquor store in Jersey on our way back to the city to, you know “stock up.”

#25:  Hit the city just in time for BYOB sushi dinner, where we proceeded to look up other abandoned prisons we could tour (#normal).

#26:  With this e-card from one of the girls, ha.


#27:   Over- over- overindulged on sushi with my team when I returned to the office on Tuesday.

#28:  Opted for a second slice of mint chocolate chip ice cream cake.  Clearly.

mint chip cake

#29:  Drank (too much) wine with colleagues Thursday night at Ashton’s Alley.  (Read: gossiped using code names / HR sneak speak.)

#30:  Related a little too much to this parody of Taylor Swift’s 22.

#31:  With pitchers of beer and shots of Jameson at Barfly tonight with the crew.

#32:  Happily not setting my alarm clock for tomorrow.

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