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“She’s not pregnant or engaged!”

29 May

I have really big news to share in the upcoming weeks but unfortunately need to keep it mum for just a bit longer. In sharing the news with my mom this past weekend, she then told her closest friends with a “Kate’s got big news! But she’s not pregnant or engaged!”

So yes, I have big news…but I’m not pregnant or engaged. Mom says.


Buffalo bound

24 May

It’s a beautiful day to drive to Buffalo!

Happy Memorial Day weekend!

buffalo drive

“Walk down memory lane” weekend – part 2

21 May

Boston was a ton of fun on Saturday but I couldn’t have imagined how GREAT our Sunday in Three Rivers was going to be! We visited personal “landmarks”, gorged on Polish delicacies (pierogis, galumpkis, kilbasa, and kapusta) at Pulaski Park, and spent time visiting with childhood friends we hadn’t seen in 15 years.

338 Main Street – Our Childhood Home


St. Peter & Paul’s Church – Our Childhood Church


St. Mary’s School – Our Childhood School

st marys

Pulaski Park – “The Polka Capital of New England”!

polka capital

“Walk down memory lane” weekend – part 1

20 May

For my 32nd birthday this year, my brother gave me an unbelievably thoughtful gift; a weekend trip to Three Rivers, Massachusetts where we spent our childhood. We decided to first spend Saturday in Boston and then head to Three Rivers early Sunday morning. It was an incredible weekend! Below are a few pictures from our day in Boston.

We were well “fueled” by the time we hit the Mass Pike. Coffee aside, my brother shared a secret “recipe” with me…for the McGangBang. Yes, you read that correctly; a spicy chicken sandwich between a double cheeseburger. I truly regret not taking him up on his offer to try it.

road trip to ma

After parking we immediately made our way to Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market. It was past lunchtime and we were both hungry (despite the previously mentioned McGangBang indulgence). We walked through a few shops and eventually made our way to the Walrus and the Carpenter Oyster Bar. Because you really can never have too much lobster, we both had a delicious lobster roll and lobster bisque! There obviously was no getting a picture of our lunch; we were too busy eating. (I only had one rule for the day: “I only eat seafood today.”)

quincy market

We picked up the Freedom Trail at Quincy Market and followed it to Paul Revere House, Old North Church, and Cobb’s Hill Burial Ground. Having spent 10 years of our childhood in Massachusetts, this was not our first time to Boston, or touring the Freedom Trail. Oddly enough, we remembered the one thing a child probably would remember: the pew “boxes” in the church…and probably only because we used to play in them!

paul revere

From Cobb’s Hill we crossed the Charleston Bridge over the Charles River and made our way to the USS Constitution. We toured the deck and navy yard with less than hour until it closed for the evening before making our way back to Quincy Market and Salty Dog Seafood Grille & Bar for a beer.

uss constitutionDay one? Check!

I’ll post the sentimental stuff tomorrow!

I’m with the Chef – part 2

14 May

As I mentioned in my last post, the highlight of this past weekend really was what spurred the weekend – the Chef’s invitation to create and host a 5-course dinner at Brewery Ommegang. It was IN-CRED-I-BLE. But don’t just take my word for it…

ommegang dinner menu

(Yeah, I was drooling at just the menu too so you can only imagine how incredible the actual meal was!)

ommegang dinner 2

First course: shiitake spring roll with spicy Szechuan peanut sauce; second: five spice pork roulette and guanciale jam; third: smoked tuna tartar and crispy daikon cake with xo sauce; fourth: seared venison tataki with soba noodles; fifth (although not pictured!): key lime pie with chantilly creme.

And lots and lots of beer, of course…

ommegang dinner beer

I’m with the Chef – part 1

13 May

I took this past Friday off from work and headed to Cooperstown, New York with the Chef and his family for a long weekend. The Chef had been invited as their featured chef for the Brewery Ommegang Beer Dinner, and well, it would have been rude not to tag along!

While the 5-course dinner with beer pairing was clearly the main attraction of the weekend, we snuck in a few other excursions throughout the weekend too.

Beer Tasting at Brewery Ommegang

beer tastin

Baseball Hall of Fame (I’m sorry, but snoozefest!)

baseball hall of fame

Visit to Fly Creek Cider Mill

fly creek cider mill

Brewery Tour

brewery tour

Check back tomorrow for pictures from the actual dinner. But I warn you: do not come hungry!

Get in the car, y’all!

9 May

As a Manhattanite of almost 10 years now, I rarely find myself in a car…unless it’s a cab of course. My next three weekends are full of fun road trip travel though; first I’m off to Cooperstown, New York with the Chef; then to Boston and Three Rivers, Massachusetts with my brother; and finally to Buffalo with my brother again for Memorial Day weekend. Pack the Dramamine and coffee, and get ready to get your car karaoke on!