What May brings 3.0

1 May

Six Year Work Anniversary

Some days it feels like six months and other times, sixteen years! No matter where my career path ultimately leads, the past six years have been an incredible ride.



It’s almost Cinco de Mayo, YOU GUYS. And the weather is finally starting to warm up enough to take advantage of Rio’s patio, and more importantly, their margaritas!


Ethiopian Food

I’ve been jonesing for Ethiopian food for a few weeks now. We used to go to Massawa all the time in grad school; affordable and across the street. I hear the UWS calling…



Don’t get me wrong; I love bowling with the girls…but let’s just put it out there. We all know the point of bowling: “to scooooore tonight!


Mini Road Trips

Next weekend I’m in Cooperstown with the Chef and his family. The weekend after, Boston with my brother. Then I’m headed to Buffalo for Memorial Day weekend. I smell a playlist brewing…


It’s Gonna Be May…Everywhere

This is annoyingly everywhere at this point but let’s be honest: I love the idea of some N’Sync throwbacks: Bye Bye Bye, It’s Gonna Be Me, Tearin’ Up My Heart. Also, let’s fast forward for fun.

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