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What does one wear to resign?

6 Jun

YES! You heard that right! I shared last month that I am indeed not pregnant or engaged (thanks, mom) BUT I did resign from my job today! A job that I have loved and poured everything I have into for the past 6+ years. Other than my wonderful family and fabulous friends, my job has been the one constant in my life for the past three years since I started documenting this little journey of mine. But I’m about to take that journey to a new level. Or probably better stated, this journey is about to take ME to a new level. Stay tuned as I’m still shaking myself from today’s resignation and what lies ahead! For now, here is what (this) one wears to resign and yes, those might be moving boxes behind me…




3 Jun

We were slightly hungover from our Columbia-party-crashing-escapades but also made it to Belmont this weekend with the Chef’s parents. Here’s my first bet ever on a horse race! #highroller #ballin


(Ivy League) party crashers

2 Jun

I had one of those incredibly random nights this weekend; you know, the type of night you can’t predict and won’t soon replicate. Saturday night the Chef and I hopped into a cab upper east side bound. Our destination was Massawa, an Ethiopian restaurant that I used to love when I lived on the UES (yes, we’re apparently on an Ethiopian trip…) Dinner was great, and slightly buzzed from a bottle of honey wine and various Ethiopian beers, I made the impromptu decision that the Chef “just had” to see my first NYC apartment building and graduate school campus (I honestly almost fell off my chair when he told me he had never set foot on Columbia’s campus.) As soon as we walked through the Amsterdam Ave. gates and onto campus, it was clear that some sort of celebration was happening. With every step toward the center of campus, music and festive conversation got louder.

It was alumni weekend!

(Well, technically I think it was undergraduate alumni weekend but were they really going to kick out a grad school alum…?)

Onto campus and into the party we strolled. First stop? Open bar. Okay, first, third, fourth, sixth, and ninth stops. Sipping champagne on the Low Steps and listening to the live band, the Chef and I laughed at where the night had led us. I eventually showed him around campus (“the grand tour!”) and then, tipsy enough, we join the other drunks on the dance floor despite the humidity of the night. At some point in the very early morning hours we finally made our way home in a champagne-induced state.

To be honest though, the last thing I vividly remember is dancing around the quad with strangers to “Jesse’s Girl“. What a night.


What June brings 3.0

1 Jun


My trip to Buffalo this past weekend was very much focused on sharing some exciting news with my parents, both personal and professional. A BIG change is definitely in my near future and once I get my communication plans in place I can officially let the cat out of the bag. Stay tuned!



Southern Tier Brewing Company

While we were home for Memorial Day last weekend, my brother picked up a case of Southern Tier Brewing Company beer for a BBQ at my dad’s. I’m horrified to admit I’ve never had it before but as it turns out, I’m a fan. So I picked up two cases to bring back to NYC with me…



Maxi Sundresses

I’ve been wearing maxi sundresses since I was a child and will most likely be wearing them when I’m as old as that crazy jewelry dropping lady in Titanic. A little part of me dies every September when it gets too cold to wear them. Well I’m alive again, guys! Because maxi season is here!



Horse Racing

After almost 10 years in NYC, I still have never been to Belmont Park in Long Island. (Or any horse racetrack for that matter.) On an upcoming rare (but welcomed!) free Sunday afternoon, we’re heading to Belmont so that I can look at the ponies. I mean, place my bets and win big.

belmont what june brings



Since Sally Homemaker I am not, I agreed to take a knitting class for charity with a friend. I honestly wouldn’t mind learning to knit as I should probably have at least one domestic skill in life. My premature visions of flawless scarves and baby blankets (for friends, obviously) were cut short when, as it turns out, knitting is actually pretty hard. But I’m not giving up that easily!



Cape May

With schedules the way they are, every now and then the Chef and I can manage to get away for the night. Yes, one night. But beggars can’t be choosers. We’re headed to Cape May this month with a total of 36 hours to get there, relax a bit, have some fun, and get home. Time to make it work! Boston rules apply: “I’m only eating seafood.”